Waiting for the Bell


As the brass bell rung
a silhouette slid to the center ring
with a heavy hand of history;
her words were like a hammer.

“I don’t love you anymore.”

Canvas pressed against a scarlet cheek,
like flesh scraped across pavement;
dizzy, drained, I slipped into darkness
as an echoing shell embracing Siberian nights.

Days passed like meandering streams,
a slow march through December.
I lost myself in her words
as I lost my faculty to feel.

The bottom is an empty barrel,
an empty chair,
an empty nest that birds called home.

As a means of survival I wrote her a letter;
“I never loved you.”

It was a lie born with a measure of truth.
It was a point that hid in quiet corners
waiting for the bell to ring.

Copyright © 2018 – Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved


15 Replies to “Waiting for the Bell”

  1. I love this poem because the bell emphasises the drama in it. I love bells anyway, and you can have either one bell as in tolling, or peals of bells as in joy. Great poem

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  2. thank you for sharing a piece of your soul, it is never to easy to write real truth not the truth we want people to see, celebrate that you have felt love though you so want to deny that you ever did. it is a means of survival, we convince ourselves so we can wake to another day. i offer you a friendly wave and say you are not alone. I am privileged to read your words this morning. be blessed

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  3. I’ve experienced a lot of painful things in my life, but few compare to what I felt the night I wrote this poem. I edited today to clean it up since I was fairly inebriated when I wrote it. I appreciate your comment. It makes me feel like my edits didn’t strip away the emotions. Thank you. – Brian

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  4. Ohmygod this burns my heart right out of my chest. Like you took a basting syringe and jammed it into my heart and
    s q u e e z e d
    until it was empty and my heart was full of pain and darkness. Geez man.


  5. Every year for the last several years, I’ve tried to edit this poem, and never managed to produce something I liked. When I would try to edit, it felt like it lost the emotions I held on the day I wrote it. Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary. I’m still a little sad, but also happy to finally edit and release. It feels like progress. I appreciate your comment. Sincerely, Brian

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