I used to feel like I needed to be inebriated
even to whisper your name.
In truth, you broke my spirit,
ripped me at the seams until I unraveled.

Through blackbirds and rain songs,
I stumbled through the night,
howling words like a madman
practicing witchery or voodoo.

I did my damndest
to exercise the demons and let you go.
That is until I fell in love with the sadness
and nearly drank myself to death.

One day I woke up,
no longer afflicted by memories of your smile,
sold everything I owned,
purged my life of leaches and liars.

I still can’t help but think about you
as November rains fall, reminders of a time
when I crawled the ocean’s floor.

Copyright © 2018 – Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved

Photo by Bess Hamiti from Pexels


19 Replies to “Introspection”

  1. i read this awhile ago, and simply could not find the words to describe how much i loved it. i’ve come back a few days later still lacking the sentiment, but wish you to know that it’s stunning. to “fall in love with sadness” is unavoidable for those who call themselves poets, and perhaps that’s why i enjoyed this piece so much–felt it to the depths of my soul, in fact. thank you xx

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  2. Thank you for the encouragement and kind comment. Lately, I’ve found myself thinking of a life I onced lived, but without experiencing pain. It feels like progress, the kind of progress that takes time, years even. I appreciate your visit. All the best, Brian


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