December Daydreams 03 – “Midnight Embers”


On day 3 of my “December Daydreams” collection, I find inspiration from Natalie Swift’s site name, “The Midnight Ember”. I chose Natalie’s site for two reasons. I enjoy reading her work and she was the very first person to follow me when I started my blog in August. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, please take time to visit her.

December 3rd, 2018 Inspiration

Site: The Midnight Ember by Natalie Swift

December Daydreams 03 – “Midnight Embers”

As we danced across the early evening,
her mysterious eyes were midnight embers,
she sang Coldplay’s “Yellow” softly in my ear,
words were faint as my legs and heart grew weak.

We laid past lives and problems to rest,
as all faded to strange lands in a different time.
Looking back – I knew her downy kiss
like sea-bound birds know the ocean’s breeze.

I often reminisce breathless moments
when life was full of innocence and love.
Through long, cold, wintery nights,
thoughts of her eyes keep me warm.

Copyright © 2018 – Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Pixabay


12 Replies to “December Daydreams 03 – “Midnight Embers””

  1. Something about Coldplay’s first couple of albums that seem intensely romantic. I have a feeling Chris Martin was inspired through those years. “Yellow” and “The Scientist” are two my favorite songs.

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