December Daydreams 05 – “Silents Hours”


As I continue on my journey to show appreciation to fellow writers, bloggers, acquaintances, and friends, on day 5 of my “December Daydreams” collection, I find inspiration from Basilike Pappa’s site name, “Silent Hour”. Basilike is an exceptional writer and one of my favorite sites to visit. I highly encourage you to visit Basilike’s site!

December 5th, 2018 Inspiration

Site: Silent Hour by Basilike Pappa

December Daydreams 05 – “Silent Hours”

Most nights I chase moonlight’s last tiny, bitter, blue breath,

mired in metaphors, writing until she becomes a grey ghost.

There is a sincere, brutal, truth, only found in the silent hours,

as daylight dawns, I run until my legs can carry me no more.

Each night I return, climbing the ladder of darkness to escape,

drifting in a sea of words, I break – break – break, nevermore.


Copyright © 2018 – Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Kellepics on Pixabay


5 Replies to “December Daydreams 05 – “Silents Hours””

  1. The last two lines of “Invictus” are tattooed on my back as a reminder. I carry many wounds on this body, some you can see, some you cannot..

    Invictus – Poem by William Ernest Henley

    “Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll.
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.”

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