December Daydreams 09 – “Conversing with Nature”


As I continue on my journey to show appreciation to fellow writers, bloggers, acquaintances, and friends, on day 9 of my “December Daydreams” collection, I find inspiration from The Mush from the Hill. Please take some time to visit The Mush from the Hill.

December 9th, 2018 Inspiration

Site: The Mush from the Hill

December Daydreams 09 – “Conversing with Nature”

As I gathered mush from the hill, I spoke softly to a sentient sun, he sighed and said, stay true to yourself and always be you. I whispered to the wonderous wind and she warmly whistled, some days son will just be blue. In the depths of despair, I mourned to mother moon and she massaged and mended my broken spirit. I reflected to the river and he regally replied to relish the rays of a brilliant sun.

So I sat there on the hill and smiled back at the sun.

Copyright © 2018 – Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Pixabay (darksouls1)


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