Gaia Bleeds For You


Bio-methane blisters and bubbles
as men in coal hoods chant,
as moonless, motherless fawns weep.
Dolorous homo sapiens you’ve turned pale!
Dance, O’ puppets, dance and sing
to bystanders, to powerful players
of steel encased jungles,
waiting for the slow death of shallow capacity.

Earth rumbles and grinds
under hardened hands of flesh;
as pneuma is a rotted badland
in horizontal pricks of perforated stolen lands,
we pump and burn with oily lubricants,
we drill with clenched teeth and dead eyes.

Neo-gothic phallic spires
rise through the night, as mud chasers pray;
temples are deserted, fire burns in bray fields
like Gaia raped of sunshine.

Copyright © 2019– Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash



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