A Poem A Day During December


After reading Tara Caribou’s post today, I’ve decided to commit myself to writing daily during the month of December. I haven’t written new content every day for the last few years, so it’s going to be a challenge. Not only will I be writing on a daily basis, but I’m adopting Tara’s incredible idea to use fellow blogger’s “User Name, Blog Title, Tagline, or poem”  as a prompt. I’m doing this as a way of showing you my appreciation and that I’m thankful for the bond we share through our writing. Continue reading “A Poem A Day During December”


Building an Audience on Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably branched out to different social media platforms. I’ve found a relatively decent amount of success on WordPress and Twitter, but for months I’ve struggled with Instagram. I love being able to marry my words with images using Adobe Spark, which allows me to create high-quality graphics designed for Social Media for free. What I’ve struggled with is the amount of work it takes to build an audience. Continue reading “Building an Audience on Instagram”

Regret is a Smile Never Known


Many years ago, in 2009, my ex-wife suffered a miscarriage. As I think back, it was the beginning of the end of our relationship. It would take a few more years to officially dissolve. We even had another child, tried different avenues to heal, but we never recovered from the loss of what would’ve been our second child. This post is groundwork for a poem that I’m going to share. I feel it’s important and worth sharing, and I hope you will too. Continue reading “Regret is a Smile Never Known”

3 Things I Learned About Starting a WordPress Blog


Nearly ten years ago, I started a personal blog and never created any entries. I wanted a place to share my thoughts and my poetry, but work picked up and I lost my desire to blog. Instead of blogging, I joined niche sites like AllPoetry to share my poetry and my dream of blogging died (until recently). Eight days ago, I reset my WordPress account and launched “Just Brian”. I also created social media accounts to help spread the word. This post represents three things I learned while starting my WordPress blog.

Continue reading “3 Things I Learned About Starting a WordPress Blog”