quick words stream
like keyboard keys compelled by notes
as reckless hearts drift, bleed, freed;

hasty hearts roam landscapes,
pushed to overdrive,
passion accedes like backseat movies
under lights, on tables, between sheets

beat! moan!
bass clap thunders, shivers.

Copyright © 2019– Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved

Image: Pixabay


Humming Bees


Balefire leaves drifted from deciduous trees,
silently still, as an azure lake latched to perennial sky,
the rust-colored sunset slowly smothered sound.

Her midnight eyes were buzzing humming bees,
as Arcadian days bled across nebulous pathways,
my languorous core slipped to shadowed caves.

Copyright © 2018 – Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved

Image Credit: Pixabay (darksouls1)


December Daydreams 10 – “She Always Sang to Blackbirds”


As I continue on my journey to show appreciation to fellow writers, bloggers, acquaintances, and friends, on day 10 of my “December Daydreams” collection, I find inspiration from Alternative Sunny Days by K.T. Decker site name. K.T. is one of my first followers, a top commenter, and someone I enjoy reading regularly. You should check out her blog! Continue reading “December Daydreams 10 – “She Always Sang to Blackbirds””