December Daydreams 01 – “Ink in Her Veins”


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m writing a poem a day during December, in honor of friends and fellow bloggers, using their username, blog title, tagline, and/or poetry, as the source of inspiration. I’ve decided to call my collection “December Daydreams”. Since I adopted the idea from Tara Caribou, I think it’s only fitting that she’s the first inspiration in my series. I highly recommend you visit Tara’s site! Continue reading “December Daydreams 01 – “Ink in Her Veins””




I used to feel like I needed to be inebriated
even to whisper your name.
In truth, you broke my spirit,
ripped me at the seams until I unraveled.

Through blackbirds and rain songs,
I stumbled through the night,
howling words like a madman
practicing witchery or voodoo. Continue reading “Introspection”

A Poem A Day During December


After reading Tara Caribou’s post today, I’ve decided to commit myself to writing daily during the month of December. I haven’t written new content every day for the last few years, so it’s going to be a challenge. Not only will I be writing on a daily basis, but I’m adopting Tara’s incredible idea to use fellow blogger’s “User Name, Blog Title, Tagline, or poem”  as a prompt. I’m doing this as a way of showing you my appreciation and that I’m thankful for the bond we share through our writing. Continue reading “A Poem A Day During December”