Dreams of Love


As she walked to the end of the wooden boards, the stars spoke to her.” Dreams of love were white feathers whisked through the heavens by the wind. Lapping waves were hypnotic as they crawled ashore from the royal-blue sea. The low hum of the ocean was a majestic symphony playing to his queen. She wondered when her love would arrive. She giggled and grinned, thinking of the kiss they shared last summer. Continue reading “Dreams of Love”


December Daydreams 04 – “No More Secrets”


On day 4 of my “December Daydreams” collection, I find inspiration from Jill M.L. Kanewischer’s site name, “Cats Out of the Box”. Jill has such a wonderful, positive vibe to her site, and is one of my favorite top commenters. Switching it up, instead of writing poetry, I decided to write a short fictitious story. Continue reading “December Daydreams 04 – “No More Secrets””

Born by Accident


I have but a few clear recollections of my childhood, most memories were learned secondhand or written in an eggshell-colored baby book, fashioned with honest intentions, or so I later imagined from prehistoric Polaroid pictures. I was an average looking chameleon with golden hair, optimistic eyes, and born by accident in the backseat of a stolen lime-green ‘65 Chevy Nova, in Loxahatchee Groves, west of West Palm Beach, Florida. By accident, I mean that my sperm donor and his wife, Mr. Gerald and Catherine Darcy, were running insurance scams in South Florida, instead of being on bedrest in Jacksonville. They labeled me, ‘Colin Ryan Darcy’, even though I was born without my father’s eyes. Continue reading “Born by Accident”

Moving Forward (rev 002)


Many years have passed since I roamed the sinful streets of Ft. Lauderdale, and though my mind is currently mired in regretful lows and lost opportunities, few experiences compare to the night I first met “her”.  It was transformative, mentally metamorphic, a rare moment in time where I felt bliss without bourbon or “beans”. To this day, I can’t help but traverse time to relive the experiences of callow years. As weak eyes shut, a desperate internal clock ticks and tocks, minutes pass as I’m transported outside The Chili Pepper, music pulsating, drumming in my chest. Continue reading “Moving Forward (rev 002)”

Random Characters 001

I’m posting a few random character descriptions that I tweeted tonight. It’s a fun exercise when my brain hits the wall for writing other things.

  • Diane had dozens of fine auburn braids woven together like a nymph’s crown. She wore shiny sapphires dangling from her ears, matching the deep pools of her eyes. Like tiny crystals, her skin sparkled as it bathed in city lights. Her dress clung to every curve.
  • Jack reminded me of Grandma’s old oak dinner table. He was short and stocky, an immoveable man. His dirty blonde hair hung lazily in wrinkled brown eyes, with a face formed from the struggles of war and wild nights. His belly was a barrel of bourbon…
  • Rachel recognized the mud-caked fat face of the freckled arm boy. Brady, seventeen years old, was barely older than her burdensome brother James. He had a British nose, and squinty mouse-colored eyes. He smelled of poverty and wet stables.


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