Midnight Shower


Manic midnight shower. Thoughts of you tear me apart. Time is unkind, like the raging train that rumbled past our place late at night. As fists bang against wet walls, cold water beats, beads against my seasoned skin. I scrub as if it’s possible to wash withdrawal and watch it whirl down the drain. Friends, family, say in time it gets better, but our song spans light years, as penguins mate for forever.

Copyright © 2018 – Brian Nettles. All Rights Reserved

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash


Freedom by Ope King for #RMSM 28

The “ReadMeSpeakMe” reading this week is a poem written by Ope King, entitled ‘Freedom’.  It’s truly an exceptional poem. To read the words and see the original Twitter post, click here.


VSS365 #static

Hello, all!

As I’ve expanded to various social media platforms, I’ve found new ways to build an audience. One of my favorites ways to deliver content is via the #vss365 hashtag, which stands for “Very Short Stories 365 days/year”, on Twitter. The participants range from causal poets, writers focused on short stories and novellas, to published authors.

There are daily prompts with a large following. Building creative lines with a limited amount of characters can be challenging, but equally rewarding. It’s also a fun way to write when I don’t have time. During times when I’m feeling a bit of writer’s block, I can usually find a way to craft a few lines and stay active!

Another terrific use case is using the hashtag to test lines and dialogue for your WIP.

Anyways, I figured I’d share my post for the #static prompt. If you’re not already participating, you should consider joining!

Flora’s Blossoms


While reading a recent tweet by Annie Scribes, I felt inspired to write a poem. Below is the quote and my poem.

“When we finally touch the sky, 
what else is there for us, on the horizon?” 
by Annie Scribes

As hushed sighs near Nirvana,
halcyon horizons split a bruised sky,
her words whirl like a maelstrom.

Clear ears, downy winds whisper
as mellifluous meadows beckon. Continue reading “Flora’s Blossoms”


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to change my Wattpad project. The central character and chapter 1 remain the same, but the title and plot have changed. It’s a good thing I was only a few chapters into the story.

I realize the description needs a lot of work, but I wanted to get something started. I welcome any and all feedback! Thank you!