Open Window

As heavenly bodies sing,
it brings me to my knees,
the way they shine
and for a moment in time
I am a child… Continue reading “Open Window”


Actualizations and Updates


Hello! I thought I would take a few minutes to say hello to everyone this morning, as well as give a mini update on what’s going on in my part of the world.

As many of you know, I tend to be an emotional writer. The challenge of pouring everything into my writing (emotionally), especially if the content is depressing, is that if I do it for an extended duration, I send myself into a downward spiral. From August to early December, I wrote a lot, even more than what’s represented on my blog. In December, I was sick, the holidays were weighing on me, and I spent a few weeks mentally and physically exhausted. Over the last month, I’ve been recharging, written a little bit, and sketching the storyline for my book.  Continue reading “Actualizations and Updates”

Dreams of Love


As she walked to the end of the wooden boards, the stars spoke to her.” Dreams of love were white feathers whisked through the heavens by the wind. Lapping waves were hypnotic as they crawled ashore from the royal-blue sea. The low hum of the ocean was a majestic symphony playing to his queen. She wondered when her love would arrive. She giggled and grinned, thinking of the kiss they shared last summer. Continue reading “Dreams of Love”