Buried beneath crumbled letters,
a tombstone
built by decaying hands,
left to die slowly in silence,
when there was nothing more to say;

and grey skies cried for days,
as we lost sight of the horizon.

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3 Things I Learned About Starting a WordPress Blog


Nearly ten years ago, I started a personal blog and never created any entries. I wanted a place to share my thoughts and my poetry, but work picked up and I lost my desire to blog. Instead of blogging, I joined niche sites like AllPoetry to share my poetry and my dream of blogging died (until recently). Eight days ago, I reset my WordPress account and launched “Just Brian”. I also created social media accounts to help spread the word. This post represents three things I learned while starting my WordPress blog.

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Color Me Blue

(with apologies to Nirvana)

Numb, wonder how we let it slip this far,
whisper in my ear, not enough scars.
Bound to be a few before the day is done,
this plane is destined to crash and burn.

Just want to be free, free of me,
easy friend, settle your emotions too;
I know you don’t understand, can’t understand,
where this all leads, what I’m going to do.

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